Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact
Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact

Latest update: 2012-10-02

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Pre-conference sessions

Participants arriving early on Sunday 8 July have the opportunity to take part in the following
free pre-conference sessions:

Pre–Conference Summit on Social Work and Social Development in Mainland China

Time: 9:30 – 12:30
Room: K16/17, Stockholmsmässan
Language: English
Organizer: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Pre-Conference Workshop: Teaching and Training for Human Rights Practice

Date and Time: Sunday, 8 July 2012, 1:00-3:30 pm
Location: K16/17 Stockholmsmässan
Fee: No fee. The workshop is open to all educators and practitioners attending the conference
Language: English

Human rights is recognized as a core dimension of social work/social development practice. Following a brief overview of the global human rights system, this workshop will focus on teaching and training strategies to strengthen human rights based practice. Emerging issues in the human rights agenda of the United Nations will be identified. The session will be interactive; participants will have the opportunity to discuss practice cases illustrating human rights dilemmas and ample time will be given for questions and discussion. A brief bibliography will be distributed.

Workshop leaders:
Lynne M. Healy, Ph.D. Professor, University of Connecticut School of Social Work
M.C. Hokenstad, Ph.D. Professor, Case Western Reserve University
C.K. Law, DSW, Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong
Sergei Zelenev, Ph.D. ICSW Special Representative to the United Nations (invited)
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