Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact
Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact

Latest update: 2012-10-02

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Programme and Abstract Book

Below you will find the final programme and the abstract book (in English).

pdf Programme at a Glance (PDF)

pdf Programme Book (PDF)

pdf Abstract Book (PDF)

Correction 1:
Due to a technical error, the abstract below was not properly included in the Abstract Book:


Participation for improving everyday life conditions

Åhnby, Ulla; Henning, Cecilia

Future Workshop is a method for participation and empowerment. The method has a distinctive structure and has a pedagogical idea based on democracy and mutual respect. The method consists of three stages, the phase of criticism, the phase of phantasy and the phase of implementation.

Within a range of different projects this method has been implemented with the aim to improve everyday life conditions for older people through participation and engagement. Future Workshop is implemented from a perspective of interactive research. The results from different projects show that Future Workshop can contribute to promote empowerment, strengthen self-esteem and enable social networking. These are aspects of crucial importance for the well-being of older people.

Participation is a key word. The ambition and strategy which is significant for Future Workshop as a method has been analysed in relation to theories within social pedagogy and in relation to the concept of civil society.

Correction 2:
The abstract "Earthquake crisis in Iran and the role of social work in the management of the earthquake crisis" (WS123:2) was written by Fotovvat, Hoda, Allame Tabatabaee University, Social Work, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.
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